1: Overcoming Your Biggest Obstacle

1: Overcoming Your Biggest Obstacle

Kim walks you through the process of overcoming the common obstacles distributors have when growing their business. Her practical advice and step-by-step process will help get you on the path to breaking through any barrier so you can achieve your business goals. You’re about to discover…

  • Why it’s crucial you become a ‘learning machine’.
  • The benefits of having a mentor to help crush any obstacle.
  • How to miraculously have friends and family eager and willing to help you find customers!
  • The ‘Shopping for Shoes’ approach that helps you find the best customers for any product or service.
  • A proven strategy to help you find the right people to talk to.

Every distributor on your team will have obstacles to overcome on their business journey. Kim’s lessons will help you discover powerful techniques that will help you and your entire team move forward like never before!


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