17: The Truth About ‘Overnight Success’

17: The Truth About ‘Overnight Success’

We all love to hear about the overnight success story, but have you ever felt there must be more to the story than what you’re hearing from the stage?

In today’s episode, Kim shares exactly what she discovered when digging into the background of many of MLM’s greatest leaders. Listen in as she reveals…

  • The never-before revealed background stories to some of our profession’s biggest names.
  • The real time it takes to create an ‘overnight’ success (proven over and over again). 
  • Lessons you can learn from every leader’s journey.
  • Re-thinking the “If HE can do it, you can too” mantra.
  •  Why it’s vital you learn to excel at recruiting.
BONUS: Kim put together a 9 Minute Recruiter program that can help you gain the advanced skills of recruiting, while learning 2 different types of ‘closes’ that have been incredibly effective for her. Keep an ear out for the details at the end of this podcast!
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