20: The Art of Recruiting the ONE

20: The Art of Recruiting the ONE

Did they ever tell you to recruit anyone that can “fog a mirror”? And did most of those recruits drop out in 90 days?
Kim got so upset by all the drop outs her first time (90% of her first 40-50 recruits in her first two months fell away – disappeared) that she couldn’t take it.
About quit.
And then she figured out a DIFFERENT recruiting strategy.  You’ll hear her contrarian approach in this episode. Kim built five big businesses to the pinnacle over 24 years – using THIS recruiting strategy.  (Opposite of what most everyone has taught and still teaches today.)
Ready to hear what she did?
  • The former waiter makes $90K/month. Yep, but that’s not all there was…
  • Why would someone who invested $5K just disappear?
  • No more recruiting cattle calls…
  • The easier you tell them it is, the faster they drop out
  • Keep the Kimono closed on that first date…
  • Make. Them. Come. To. You. Kim didn’t hit someone up directly even when they were standing in front of her...they couldn’t stand it and ASKED to join. Hehehe.
  • Get your posture up. Off your knees – no begging in network marketing

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