25: Oh Those Calls!

Oh Those Calls!

You’ve written out your list of family and friends, practiced your script a 101 times…then held your breath as you picked up the phone and began making those calls.
You expect everyone to be happy to hear from you, and excited to join you in your new business. But instead, you hear…

“Sorry that’s not for me.”
“I just don’t have time.”
“Is it one of those things?”
“A business? YOU are doing a business?”
Prospecting calls are not easy, and they take a mix of saying the right things with the right amount of confidence. In today’s lesson, you’ll hear a Newbie making their first calls, and the feedback from friends and family that often ensues. But don’t be discouraged…Kim Klaver has the solution! A powerful set of resources that will help you know what to say, build your confidence, and become a Rock Star when it comes to recruiting over the phone
The Confidence Builder, at www.YesConfidence.com includes six of Kim’s most popular how-to audios on Recruiting and Prospecting, and it’s available now at a special price, both on CD and MP3.
You can get tips from Kim Klaver at Kim’s Blog or follow her on Facebook.

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