28: So What Do You Do?

28: So What Do You Do?


What do you say when somebody asks “What do you do?”

If you’re unsure of what the answer is, you’re not alone! Many distributors try to come up with clever or canned responses to a question you’re likely to get every day.

What if Kim can teach you, in just a few seconds, a response that causes your prospects to lean in and have a greater interest in what you do?

The most prized possession in marketing is getting your prospect’s attention, and in this lesson Kim shows you how to do just that!

Kim Klaver’s “100 Customers 100 Days” is the ultimate audio training for any Network Marketer serious about growing a large group of product users. Available in both MP3 and CD, you’ll hear Kim share how to approach cold market prospects, what to say (and NOT say) so you don’t sound like a salesperson, and how to discover your prospect’s hot buttons that make her want to buy your product. 100 Customers 100 Days is available now, just CLICK HERE to order!

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