2: How to Grow a Thriving Customer Base

2:How to Grow a Thriving Customer Base

Did you know many of the greatest leaders in this profession – the real Big Bananas – were customers of the product first BEFORE coming on board as reps?

We all know and understand how important customers of our product are, but can struggle to overcome the objections we hear when promoting what we have. Are you totally over hearing…

“I can’t afford it.”  

“It’s too expensive.”

“I don’t want to be on an auto-ship program.”

“Can I check out the ingredients?”

Kim Klaver’s success in the industry has been based on developing a growing customer base that order month after month, year after year. You’re about to find out exactly what Kim says, how to say it, and how you can build a giant customer base starting today!


You can learn more about how to develop customers with Kim’s 3 Scripts Course – her exclusive program that teaches you…

  • How to approach anyone, anywhere, anytime and sound like a ‘real person’.
  • How to tell people what you do so that you don’t turn them off.
  • How to say no first and how to say goodbye first. (You will LOVE this one!)
  • How to call out the names of the right people – those who align with your product or values.
  • How to find your audience – how to put intriguing PS’s on your emails.
  • Creating sales language that is engaging and ‘normal’.

Find out more about the 3 Scripts Course.  For You Unplugged listeners, enter the coupon code “MENOW” in the ‘Enter Promotional Code’ box when ordering and get a 25% discount on your order!

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