5: Generate Demand, Not Leads

5: Generate Demand, Not Leads

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Plenty of people love their jobs.  But even on a job you love, you still have obstacles in that job.

You need to acquire skills in this business in order to earn the amount of money you need to meet your goals.

You have obstacles when you have a job.  You also have obstacles when you have your own business.

The reason so many people quit when they run into obstacles is that they didn’t expect to have the obstacles in the first place.

No one prepared them to handle the obstacles, in fact no one even mentioned that there were obstacles.


Marketing requires skills.  Skill acquisition is a major obstacle.

What investment are you willing to make to acquire the skills you need to earn what want each month?



  1. Fear of rejection
  2. Calling people I have not talked to in several years.
  3.  Trouble getting people to commit to coming to an event, or meeting, or get on a call.


Classes that can help you with this online marketing.

Kim’s Blog and opt into the “Orange Book”

100 Customers in 100 Days – generating demand for you and what you have

“How to sell on Facebook without selling on Facebook”

The Authority Marketer


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