19: Ever Used The Prospect Scale For Recruits?

19: Ever Used The Prospect Scale For Recruits?

Here’s how I learned to assess my potential recruits so I could tell who’d likely go fast or need to be dragged. Don’t you want to know that up front?
  • See which category your folks are in…it will explain a lot about who’s doing or not doing…
  • Guess who has the longest learning curve?
  • Guess who has the shortest?
  • Kim shares ONE KEY question she used – that you can ask too, and boy, can this save you time and energy!
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18: Easy Come…Easy Go

18: Easy Come…Easy Go

Should you be enticing your prospects with how ‘easy’ this business is? 

Are your best potential distributors looking for an effortless ride, or a fun and genuine challenge?

Are you aware of the popular but misguided message that has made more distributors quit this business in their first 90 days than almost anything else you could say to a Newbie?

In this short but simple lesson, Kim helps you understand how to frame your business message so your prospects come prepared for a good challenge, and why making it sound so simple that “anyone can do it” could be the reason you haven’t found the leaders you’re looking for. Ready?


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17: The Truth About ‘Overnight Success’

17: The Truth About ‘Overnight Success’

We all love to hear about the overnight success story, but have you ever felt there must be more to the story than what you’re hearing from the stage?

In today’s episode, Kim shares exactly what she discovered when digging into the background of many of MLM’s greatest leaders. Listen in as she reveals…

  • The never-before revealed background stories to some of our profession’s biggest names.
  • The real time it takes to create an ‘overnight’ success (proven over and over again). 
  • Lessons you can learn from every leader’s journey.
  • Re-thinking the “If HE can do it, you can too” mantra.
  •  Why it’s vital you learn to excel at recruiting.
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16: Let’s Talk About ‘Duplication’

16: Let’s Talk About ‘Duplication’


Perhaps no other concept in this industry has been so misunderstood. Many MLM ‘gurus’ and some of our very best trainers all seem to have a different perspective of what can and cannot be duplicated.

But what is duplication, and why do you need it? And how can you use true duplication strategies to help grow a giant heap? In today’s lesson, Kim delves into…

  • Clearing up the confusion between what should be duplicated and what can’t be.
  • Whether buying ‘leads’ can be duplicated by your team.
  • Crazy situations where duplication can kill your team’s growth!
  • Why improper duplication can often hold back your momentum in this business.


The stats show around a 90% failure rate in our profession, so why are we doing things in ways that don’t work? Duplication can be effective when you use it with a sprinkle of common sense and a spray of flexibility. Listen to this podcast and learn the basic duplication strategies Kim has used over and over again to achieve the highest rank in five different companies.

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15: Never Hear a ‘No’ Again?

15: Never Hear a ‘No’ Again?

Is hearing the word ‘no’ to your product or opportunity be the reason you aren’t growing your business? Are you sick of rejection and tired of tire-kickers?

In one of Kim’s most popular lessons, you’re about to hear the exact strategies – word for word – she has used to say no to them first. A must-listen for anybody serious about successful recruiting and increased product sales.

  • Kim describes how she gets virtually nobody saying no, in a fun way that boosts your confidence!
  • Whey re-framing the way you view a ‘no’ may not be the answer for you.
  • Breaking down the ‘Go for No’ philosophy, and why it doesn’t work for everyone.
  • How to increase your product sales and new distributor sign-ups by changing your mindset about hearing no.
  • Why saying “No” first puts you in a position of power in every prospecting situation.

Stop ‘going for no’! – start having the right ones come to you!

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14: Time to Take a Chill Pill

14: Time to Take a Chill Pill

The people who survive the most ‘failures’ are the ones who make the most money. Yet most reps hit two or three obstacles and throw up their hands – ready to give up. It’s time to put your inner critic on hold and feed it a Chill Pill, says Ms Stud.

In today’s lesson, you’ll learn…

  • Why should be prepared to “fail” over and over in the process of succeeding.
  • Why you need to give your inner critic the chill pill!
  • The need to keep experimenting to find what works.
  • Why it’s people who survive the trials and testing that finally can make the BIG money.
  • Why learning something new is hard for everyone – especially adults.
  • The Michael Jordan way to reaching number one.


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13: Call Out Their Name…Customers and Reps

13: Call Out Their Name…Customers and Reps

People often ask if network marketing is really about building relationships. Well, it is, but in a different sort of way you than you might imagine. Have you invested your time building relationships with people, just to find out they don’t share the values? You’re chasing people, only to discover they don’t really care about organic, for example, or high-end skin care? You ready to get off your knees and stop begging people to listen to you?

In this episode, Kim discusses:

  • Even Steve Jobs started as a nobody
  • People who bought Apple products didn’t have a personal relationship with Steve Jobs
  • Apple product buyers resonated with Steve’s products that offered simplicity and over-the-top functions
  • Recruiting anyone who can fog a mirror may not be the most effective strategy
  • When you call the name of the people you are looking for, those people respond
  • Getting used to calling out your target audience even in casual conversation may help in the long run
  • Calling out their name may save you from spending time with people who are not interested


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12: Using Facebook to Grow Your Business

12: Using Facebook to Grow Your Business

The backlash against get rich quick advertising on Facebook has caused the company to restrict promotions of MLM and other types of home-based businesses. But that doesn’t mean that Facebook is off the table. In this episode, Kim Klaver shows you how to make Facebook one of your most potent recruiting tools – if you use it in a very specific way.

  • Discover how to become a strategic inviter.
  • Make people lean in to find out more about your offer.
  • How to experiment with a clean Facebook page, and why you should know what that actually means.
  • How great content can draw people to you.
  • Ways to use information to create curiosity.
  • How to become a marketer with authority.
  • How it’s easier to get people to know, like and trust you on Facebook than you might have thought.
  • Creating a series of emails that will help you receive orders 24/7 – that’s how you can make money while you sleep!
  • Utilizing the Reese’s Pieces method of recruiting.
  • Why you don’t have to share big things in order to make a big difference
  • How to turn a Facebook contact into an excited email subscriber.

If you want to see exactly how Kim uses Facebook as an effective recruiting tool, check out her intro workshop “How to Sell on Facebook by NOT Selling on Facebook” Right Here.

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11: Mastering the Cold Market

11: Mastering the Cold Market

Recruiting through the cold market, or by calling leads, is a building strategy many successful marketers have learned how to do. It’s a great way to grow your business when you have worn out, or are hesitant about, going to your warm market.

In today’s lesson, Kim will show you how to professionally work the cold market, and reveals the strategies you can use right now to create a powerful recruiting funnel that gets results.

You’re about to hear…

  • How to identify who to target in your recruiting efforts.
  • The components of a successful recruiting plan.
  • The story of Kim’s most fun (and lucrative) street walking recruiting method – those were the days!
  • Where to find people that think, live, dream and DO things on a big scale!
  • How to make more money with fewer people.
  • How to take your best recruiting methods and succeed with them online.

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10: Ever have a lemonade stand?

10: Ever have a lemonade stand?

Some people get to the top of their compensation plan in just months, with no prior network marketing experience. Others seem to be stuck on first base for years, wondering what everyone else knows about this business that they don’t.

Does the Big Kahuna truly know or do something you don’t know about? Use a ‘secret sauce’ that produces rapid success?

After many years of searching for the answer, Kim found a big one – and in this powerful lesson she will reveal how you can learn and apply the secret to recruit players onto YOUR team today, no matter where you find yourself in your business.

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