28: So What Do You Do?

28: So What Do You Do?


What do you say when somebody asks “What do you do?”

If you’re unsure of what the answer is, you’re not alone! Many distributors try to come up with clever or canned responses to a question you’re likely to get every day.

What if Kim can teach you, in just a few seconds, a response that causes your prospects to lean in and have a greater interest in what you do?

The most prized possession in marketing is getting your prospect’s attention, and in this lesson Kim shows you how to do just that!

Kim Klaver’s “100 Customers 100 Days” is the ultimate audio training for any Network Marketer serious about growing a large group of product users. Available in both MP3 and CD, you’ll hear Kim share how to approach cold market prospects, what to say (and NOT say) so you don’t sound like a salesperson, and how to discover your prospect’s hot buttons that make her want to buy your product. 100 Customers 100 Days is available now, just CLICK HERE to order!

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27: Product Pitch Party

27: Product Pitch Party

Today…something a little different.

Kim shares a real letter posted to an advice columnist on how to avoid another ‘MLM Pitch Party.’ The prospect loves to meet with her friends, but does not want to be sitting at their home sampling eye creams and probiotic pills at the end of the night, especially when the invite did not mention it!

We know our prospects don’t want to be hoodwinked into sitting through a product presentation they didn’t even know about, but what is the right way to invite them so they feel respected and happy to be there?

Kim teaches her leaders to be upfront about what the invite is for, to explain what’s going to happen at the ‘party’, and what they should expect to be offered on the night. Listen to this podcast and hear great tips from Kim on how to structure your party so your prospects are excited to be there.

Have you always wanted to build your Network Marketing business without the need to be a ‘Super-Slick Salesperson’ or a ‘Go-Go Recruiter’? What if there were an approach to networking where you can be yourself – where you do not have to compromise your personal values? A system that can help you share your love of helping others with your alternative approach, while getting the financial success you desire and deserve. A set of tools that let you find the right audience, finally. Ready to make that happen? Kim has just the resource for you, and you’re going to LOVE what it teaches! Click Here to find out more.

25: Oh Those Calls!

Oh Those Calls!

You’ve written out your list of family and friends, practiced your script a 101 times…then held your breath as you picked up the phone and began making those calls.
You expect everyone to be happy to hear from you, and excited to join you in your new business. But instead, you hear…

“Sorry that’s not for me.”
“I just don’t have time.”
“Is it one of those things?”
“A business? YOU are doing a business?”
Prospecting calls are not easy, and they take a mix of saying the right things with the right amount of confidence. In today’s lesson, you’ll hear a Newbie making their first calls, and the feedback from friends and family that often ensues. But don’t be discouraged…Kim Klaver has the solution! A powerful set of resources that will help you know what to say, build your confidence, and become a Rock Star when it comes to recruiting over the phone
The Confidence Builder, at www.YesConfidence.com includes six of Kim’s most popular how-to audios on Recruiting and Prospecting, and it’s available now at a special price, both on CD and MP3.
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24: How I Sold So Many Water Filters in Just 90 Days

24: How I Sold So Many Water Filters in Just 90 Days

So here’s the story so far…

When Kim attended her weekly Taekwondo session one evening, she saw a gent there using a little blue a water filter that she really liked, and felt she would use and could sell. Ninety days and almost $65,000 in sales later, her Company leaders hunted her down and pleaded with her to be at the next major event, to help teach other reps how she was able to make it happen.

Did she use a ‘Super-Secret’ sales approach?

Master a Jedi Mind Trick?

Beg and demand her customers to buy one?

No, no and no!

She did the one thing that is rarely taught in our industry. The one thing that even the best of the best in the world of MLM are often unaware of.

But it’s the most powerful strategy in the world for having people want what you’re selling.

Ready to make it happen? What are you waiting for? Just press play!


If you really like your product, why not build up an income as big as you want – with repeat customers who love the product like you do?  

The 3 Scripts Course shows you, step by step, how to do that – from what to say to when to say it. The language you learn is totally customized to your product, your experience and your style. Click Here to get hold of your copy today.


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23: How I Sold So Many Water Filters My “First Time”

23: How I Sold So Many Water Filters My “First Time”

It’s the one question Kim Klaver is asked whenever people find out about her feat.
“How on earth did you sell $65K of water filters in just 90 days?”
Kim achieved this at time when there was no Facebookno EBayno Internet!
So how did she sell so much product in her very first run in MLM?
Sit back and listen in as she reveals how she was first introduced to her company, how the guy that introduced her almost bungled it all up, and the one thing she NEVER does when marketing any product.
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22: Oh Stella! Part 2: Why She Quit

Oh Stella! Part 2: Why She Quit

When Kim’s ‘Rising Star’ Stella called to say she had quit, Kim couldn’t believe her ears.

Stella had earned over $10k a month in just 90 days, and was just about to take to the stage at her company’s next major event. Ms Stud had a choice: condemn Stella for her inexplicable decision…or take a deep breath and listen to why she had made it.

In one of Kim’s most powerful lessons, she will share the inspiring philosophy she uses to allow distributors to reach their potential; how to accept the frustrations you will endure while growing your business; and why the process of “Letting Go” will give you peace of mind and leave you in a better place in order to move forward.

Want to discover the strategies Kim and Stella used to achieve $10k a month in just 90 days? Kim is offering The Art of Recruiting and Recruit by Phone Clinic at a very special price for ‘You Unplugged’ listeners. Click Here to get your copy now!

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21: Oh Stella!

21: Oh Stella!

I remember it like it was yesterday. No matter how much time goes by, I will always remember that moment. The moment that time stops. Your heart stops, and everything goes silent.

Stella did that to me that day.

In just 3 months, Stella had crossed the $10K/month income level. She was rocking it and loving it!

Then she said four words that surprised me beyond belief…


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15: Never Hear a ‘No’ Again?

15: Never Hear a ‘No’ Again?

Is hearing the word ‘no’ to your product or opportunity be the reason you aren’t growing your business? Are you sick of rejection and tired of tire-kickers?

In one of Kim’s most popular lessons, you’re about to hear the exact strategies – word for word – she has used to say no to them first. A must-listen for anybody serious about successful recruiting and increased product sales.

  • Kim describes how she gets virtually nobody saying no, in a fun way that boosts your confidence!
  • Whey re-framing the way you view a ‘no’ may not be the answer for you.
  • Breaking down the ‘Go for No’ philosophy, and why it doesn’t work for everyone.
  • How to increase your product sales and new distributor sign-ups by changing your mindset about hearing no.
  • Why saying “No” first puts you in a position of power in every prospecting situation.

Stop ‘going for no’! – start having the right ones come to you!

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14: Time to Take a Chill Pill

14: Time to Take a Chill Pill

The people who survive the most ‘failures’ are the ones who make the most money. Yet most reps hit two or three obstacles and throw up their hands – ready to give up. It’s time to put your inner critic on hold and feed it a Chill Pill, says Ms Stud.

In today’s lesson, you’ll learn…

  • Why should be prepared to “fail” over and over in the process of succeeding.
  • Why you need to give your inner critic the chill pill!
  • The need to keep experimenting to find what works.
  • Why it’s people who survive the trials and testing that finally can make the BIG money.
  • Why learning something new is hard for everyone – especially adults.
  • The Michael Jordan way to reaching number one.


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12: Using Facebook to Grow Your Business

12: Using Facebook to Grow Your Business

The backlash against get rich quick advertising on Facebook has caused the company to restrict promotions of MLM and other types of home-based businesses. But that doesn’t mean that Facebook is off the table. In this episode, Kim Klaver shows you how to make Facebook one of your most potent recruiting tools – if you use it in a very specific way.

  • Discover how to become a strategic inviter.
  • Make people lean in to find out more about your offer.
  • How to experiment with a clean Facebook page, and why you should know what that actually means.
  • How great content can draw people to you.
  • Ways to use information to create curiosity.
  • How to become a marketer with authority.
  • How it’s easier to get people to know, like and trust you on Facebook than you might have thought.
  • Creating a series of emails that will help you receive orders 24/7 – that’s how you can make money while you sleep!
  • Utilizing the Reese’s Pieces method of recruiting.
  • Why you don’t have to share big things in order to make a big difference
  • How to turn a Facebook contact into an excited email subscriber.

If you want to see exactly how Kim uses Facebook as an effective recruiting tool, check out her intro workshop “How to Sell on Facebook by NOT Selling on Facebook” Right Here.

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