12: Using Facebook to Grow Your Business

12: Using Facebook to Grow Your Business

The backlash against get rich quick advertising on Facebook has caused the company to restrict promotions of MLM and other types of home-based businesses. But that doesn’t mean that Facebook is off the table. In this episode, Kim Klaver shows you how to make Facebook one of your most potent recruiting tools – if you use it in a very specific way.

  • Discover how to become a strategic inviter.
  • Make people lean in to find out more about your offer.
  • How to experiment with a clean Facebook page, and why you should know what that actually means.
  • How great content can draw people to you.
  • Ways to use information to create curiosity.
  • How to become a marketer with authority.
  • How it’s easier to get people to know, like and trust you on Facebook than you might have thought.
  • Creating a series of emails that will help you receive orders 24/7 – that’s how you can make money while you sleep!
  • Utilizing the Reese’s Pieces method of recruiting.
  • Why you don’t have to share big things in order to make a big difference
  • How to turn a Facebook contact into an excited email subscriber.

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11: Mastering the Cold Market

11: Mastering the Cold Market

Recruiting through the cold market, or by calling leads, is a building strategy many successful marketers have learned how to do. It’s a great way to grow your business when you have worn out, or are hesitant about, going to your warm market.

In today’s lesson, Kim will show you how to professionally work the cold market, and reveals the strategies you can use right now to create a powerful recruiting funnel that gets results.

You’re about to hear…

  • How to identify who to target in your recruiting efforts.
  • The components of a successful recruiting plan.
  • The story of Kim’s most fun (and lucrative) street walking recruiting method – those were the days!
  • Where to find people that think, live, dream and DO things on a big scale!
  • How to make more money with fewer people.
  • How to take your best recruiting methods and succeed with them online.

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10: Ever have a lemonade stand?

10: Ever have a lemonade stand?

Some people get to the top of their compensation plan in just months, with no prior network marketing experience. Others seem to be stuck on first base for years, wondering what everyone else knows about this business that they don’t.

Does the Big Kahuna truly know or do something you don’t know about? Use a ‘secret sauce’ that produces rapid success?

After many years of searching for the answer, Kim found a big one – and in this powerful lesson she will reveal how you can learn and apply the secret to recruit players onto YOUR team today, no matter where you find yourself in your business.

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9: Kim’s Thoughts on Calling Leads

9: Kim’s Thoughts on Calling Leads

In this info-packed LIVE recorded call, Kim discusses the strategy of buying and calling leads to grow your business, and why it could work for some in your team and yet, not work for others. 

You’ll hear her insights on changing the paradigm of anyone struggling with lead calling, and why you should always keep in mind that every prospecting strategy works if you’re willing to master it – it’s different strokes for folks. Kim also touches on…

  •    How not to confuse ‘behavior’ with ‘structure.’
  •    Tips on calling your leads.
  •    When you should go ‘back to basics.’
  •    The ONLY result that matters when using any prospecting method.

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8: Bad Ads. Good Ads……

8: Bad Ads. Good Ads…..

In this episode Kim Klaver conducts a live coaching call with a group of network marketing reps from a major skin care company.  Recruiting is always a challenge, so Kim walks you step by step through her most effective methods for building high performing sales organizations. You can do what everyone else does and have 80% of your reps drop out, or you can follow Kim’s methods to recruit fewer people who will build a successful business of their own. 

In this episode Kim reveals the following:

  • Why having a lot of recruits isn’t the secret to building your business
  • The #1 thing you are doing in your business and how it will change your approach
  • How recruiting the wrong people isn’t going to grow your business
  • Understanding the mindset of a successful business owner as a qualifier
  • Why looking for people like you can dramatically improve your results
  • Ways you can identify the amount of hustle a person might have

Is it time to stop wasting your time on the wrong people?

Learn Kim’s unique recruiting methods that she has put into practice to build her own organizations. The Art of Recruiting will teach you exactly what to do, so you can spend your time on the right people. Enter the coupon code “MENOW” to get a 25% discount. Stop wasting your time with the wrong people – order The Art of Recruiting today.

7: Shopping for Shoes & NOT Duplication

7: Shopping for Shoes & NOT Duplication

In this episode, Kim Klaver addresses a group of MLM reps who are facing some prickly obstacles. Using our shoe shopping habits, Kim shows you how to transform how others see you and your business. Want to learn – in one sentence – how to let everyone be an ambassador for the folks YOU are looking for?  Tune in…You might be surprised…

In this episode you will learn:

  • Why no one likes being sold
  • How outrageous claims can work against you
  • Why knowing the range (low/mid/high end) of your product keeps you focused
  • Why virtually no product “sells itself”
  • Ways to determine who your prospect really is
  • Why you can talk to everyone about your business
  • What buying decisions are based on
  • How to find your ideal buyer
  • What to say when someone asks what you do for a living
  • How to become an authority and advisor in your niche
  • How duplication does NOT apply to our styles, personalities and HOW we find folks…
  • Ways you can personalize your sales funnel and systems

If you adopt Kim’s paradigm for your business, it could put you on a different path. You will no longer spin your wheels and waste time marketing to the wrong people. You will immediately recognize the right person for your product and have a much higher rate of return for your marketing efforts to them. What would you gain if you adopted this new, never-taught mindset?


The Authority Marketer


5 Minute Monday: 4 Essential Interview Questions for a new Rep or Partner

4 Essential Interview Questions for a new Rep or Partner

What do you do to get someone started as an MLM rep?

Interview them to see if they are a good fit for you. Kim Klaver reveals the exact questions you should ask to determine whether you want to make someone a part of your team.

Why ask these questions?

  • It gives you an idea of how much energy they are bringing to the business.
  • It tells you how much education they will need to get where they want to.
  • It tells you whether they have a realistic expectation of what it will take to be successful.


This helps you determine who will be the best fit for your team, and by asking these questions, I have built very successful sales organizations, with relatively few people.

2: How to Grow a Thriving Customer Base

2:How to Grow a Thriving Customer Base

Did you know many of the greatest leaders in this profession – the real Big Bananas – were customers of the product first BEFORE coming on board as reps?

We all know and understand how important customers of our product are, but can struggle to overcome the objections we hear when promoting what we have. Are you totally over hearing…

“I can’t afford it.”  

“It’s too expensive.”

“I don’t want to be on an auto-ship program.”

“Can I check out the ingredients?”

Kim Klaver’s success in the industry has been based on developing a growing customer base that order month after month, year after year. You’re about to find out exactly what Kim says, how to say it, and how you can build a giant customer base starting today!


You can learn more about how to develop customers with Kim’s 3 Scripts Course – her exclusive program that teaches you…

  • How to approach anyone, anywhere, anytime and sound like a ‘real person’.
  • How to tell people what you do so that you don’t turn them off.
  • How to say no first and how to say goodbye first. (You will LOVE this one!)
  • How to call out the names of the right people – those who align with your product or values.
  • How to find your audience – how to put intriguing PS’s on your emails.
  • Creating sales language that is engaging and ‘normal’.

Find out more about the 3 Scripts Course.  For You Unplugged listeners, enter the coupon code “MENOW” in the ‘Enter Promotional Code’ box when ordering and get a 25% discount on your order!

1: Overcoming Your Biggest Obstacle

1: Overcoming Your Biggest Obstacle

Kim walks you through the process of overcoming the common obstacles distributors have when growing their business. Her practical advice and step-by-step process will help get you on the path to breaking through any barrier so you can achieve your business goals. You’re about to discover…

  • Why it’s crucial you become a ‘learning machine’.
  • The benefits of having a mentor to help crush any obstacle.
  • How to miraculously have friends and family eager and willing to help you find customers!
  • The ‘Shopping for Shoes’ approach that helps you find the best customers for any product or service.
  • A proven strategy to help you find the right people to talk to.

Every distributor on your team will have obstacles to overcome on their business journey. Kim’s lessons will help you discover powerful techniques that will help you and your entire team move forward like never before!


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