26: What to Say on the Phone


26: What to Say on the Phone

In today’s lesson, Kim answers the question she receives almost more than any other…”What do I say on the phone when I call my prospects?”


You know you need to get on the phone to share your product and business, but you don’t want to say anything that sounds scripted or salesy, like you’re throwing up information on your prospect, or lead them to get the glazed eyes “OMG, when will this end?” look.


It’s normal to have trouble in knowing what to say to people, particularly if you’re new. You need a strategy that helps you get their interest, stay open to what you are sharing and more importantly, willing to buy what you are selling.


Listen in as Kim shares her ‘Curiosity in Values Approach’, a unique tactic that helped Kim climb to the top of five different companies while also being one of the very best when it came to retail sales.


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25: Oh Those Calls!

Oh Those Calls!

You’ve written out your list of family and friends, practiced your script a 101 times…then held your breath as you picked up the phone and began making those calls.
You expect everyone to be happy to hear from you, and excited to join you in your new business. But instead, you hear…

“Sorry that’s not for me.”
“I just don’t have time.”
“Is it one of those things?”
“A business? YOU are doing a business?”
Prospecting calls are not easy, and they take a mix of saying the right things with the right amount of confidence. In today’s lesson, you’ll hear a Newbie making their first calls, and the feedback from friends and family that often ensues. But don’t be discouraged…Kim Klaver has the solution! A powerful set of resources that will help you know what to say, build your confidence, and become a Rock Star when it comes to recruiting over the phone
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23: How I Sold So Many Water Filters My “First Time”

23: How I Sold So Many Water Filters My “First Time”

It’s the one question Kim Klaver is asked whenever people find out about her feat.
“How on earth did you sell $65K of water filters in just 90 days?”
Kim achieved this at time when there was no Facebookno EBayno Internet!
So how did she sell so much product in her very first run in MLM?
Sit back and listen in as she reveals how she was first introduced to her company, how the guy that introduced her almost bungled it all up, and the one thing she NEVER does when marketing any product.
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22: Oh Stella! Part 2: Why She Quit

Oh Stella! Part 2: Why She Quit

When Kim’s ‘Rising Star’ Stella called to say she had quit, Kim couldn’t believe her ears.

Stella had earned over $10k a month in just 90 days, and was just about to take to the stage at her company’s next major event. Ms Stud had a choice: condemn Stella for her inexplicable decision…or take a deep breath and listen to why she had made it.

In one of Kim’s most powerful lessons, she will share the inspiring philosophy she uses to allow distributors to reach their potential; how to accept the frustrations you will endure while growing your business; and why the process of “Letting Go” will give you peace of mind and leave you in a better place in order to move forward.

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21: Oh Stella!

21: Oh Stella!

I remember it like it was yesterday. No matter how much time goes by, I will always remember that moment. The moment that time stops. Your heart stops, and everything goes silent.

Stella did that to me that day.

In just 3 months, Stella had crossed the $10K/month income level. She was rocking it and loving it!

Then she said four words that surprised me beyond belief…


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20: The Art of Recruiting the ONE

20: The Art of Recruiting the ONE

Did they ever tell you to recruit anyone that can “fog a mirror”? And did most of those recruits drop out in 90 days?
Kim got so upset by all the drop outs her first time (90% of her first 40-50 recruits in her first two months fell away – disappeared) that she couldn’t take it.
About quit.
And then she figured out a DIFFERENT recruiting strategy.  You’ll hear her contrarian approach in this episode. Kim built five big businesses to the pinnacle over 24 years – using THIS recruiting strategy.  (Opposite of what most everyone has taught and still teaches today.)
Ready to hear what she did?
  • The former waiter makes $90K/month. Yep, but that’s not all there was…
  • Why would someone who invested $5K just disappear?
  • No more recruiting cattle calls…
  • The easier you tell them it is, the faster they drop out
  • Keep the Kimono closed on that first date…
  • Make. Them. Come. To. You. Kim didn’t hit someone up directly even when they were standing in front of her...they couldn’t stand it and ASKED to join. Hehehe.
  • Get your posture up. Off your knees – no begging in network marketing

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19: Ever Used The Prospect Scale For Recruits?

19: Ever Used The Prospect Scale For Recruits?

Here’s how I learned to assess my potential recruits so I could tell who’d likely go fast or need to be dragged. Don’t you want to know that up front?
  • See which category your folks are in…it will explain a lot about who’s doing or not doing…
  • Guess who has the longest learning curve?
  • Guess who has the shortest?
  • Kim shares ONE KEY question she used – that you can ask too, and boy, can this save you time and energy!
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18: Easy Come…Easy Go

18: Easy Come…Easy Go

Should you be enticing your prospects with how ‘easy’ this business is? 

Are your best potential distributors looking for an effortless ride, or a fun and genuine challenge?

Are you aware of the popular but misguided message that has made more distributors quit this business in their first 90 days than almost anything else you could say to a Newbie?

In this short but simple lesson, Kim helps you understand how to frame your business message so your prospects come prepared for a good challenge, and why making it sound so simple that “anyone can do it” could be the reason you haven’t found the leaders you’re looking for. Ready?


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17: The Truth About ‘Overnight Success’

17: The Truth About ‘Overnight Success’

We all love to hear about the overnight success story, but have you ever felt there must be more to the story than what you’re hearing from the stage?

In today’s episode, Kim shares exactly what she discovered when digging into the background of many of MLM’s greatest leaders. Listen in as she reveals…

  • The never-before revealed background stories to some of our profession’s biggest names.
  • The real time it takes to create an ‘overnight’ success (proven over and over again). 
  • Lessons you can learn from every leader’s journey.
  • Re-thinking the “If HE can do it, you can too” mantra.
  •  Why it’s vital you learn to excel at recruiting.
BONUS: Kim put together a 9 Minute Recruiter program that can help you gain the advanced skills of recruiting, while learning 2 different types of ‘closes’ that have been incredibly effective for her. Keep an ear out for the details at the end of this podcast!
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16: Let’s Talk About ‘Duplication’

16: Let’s Talk About ‘Duplication’


Perhaps no other concept in this industry has been so misunderstood. Many MLM ‘gurus’ and some of our very best trainers all seem to have a different perspective of what can and cannot be duplicated.

But what is duplication, and why do you need it? And how can you use true duplication strategies to help grow a giant heap? In today’s lesson, Kim delves into…

  • Clearing up the confusion between what should be duplicated and what can’t be.
  • Whether buying ‘leads’ can be duplicated by your team.
  • Crazy situations where duplication can kill your team’s growth!
  • Why improper duplication can often hold back your momentum in this business.


The stats show around a 90% failure rate in our profession, so why are we doing things in ways that don’t work? Duplication can be effective when you use it with a sprinkle of common sense and a spray of flexibility. Listen to this podcast and learn the basic duplication strategies Kim has used over and over again to achieve the highest rank in five different companies.

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