24: How I Sold So Many Water Filters in Just 90 Days

24: How I Sold So Many Water Filters in Just 90 Days

So here’s the story so far…

When Kim attended her weekly Taekwondo session one evening, she saw a gent there using a little blue a water filter that she really liked, and felt she would use and could sell. Ninety days and almost $65,000 in sales later, her Company leaders hunted her down and pleaded with her to be at the next major event, to help teach other reps how she was able to make it happen.

Did she use a ‘Super-Secret’ sales approach?

Master a Jedi Mind Trick?

Beg and demand her customers to buy one?

No, no and no!

She did the one thing that is rarely taught in our industry. The one thing that even the best of the best in the world of MLM are often unaware of.

But it’s the most powerful strategy in the world for having people want what you’re selling.

Ready to make it happen? What are you waiting for? Just press play!


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