27: Product Pitch Party

27: Product Pitch Party

Today…something a little different.

Kim shares a real letter posted to an advice columnist on how to avoid another ‘MLM Pitch Party.’ The prospect loves to meet with her friends, but does not want to be sitting at their home sampling eye creams and probiotic pills at the end of the night, especially when the invite did not mention it!

We know our prospects don’t want to be hoodwinked into sitting through a product presentation they didn’t even know about, but what is the right way to invite them so they feel respected and happy to be there?

Kim teaches her leaders to be upfront about what the invite is for, to explain what’s going to happen at the ‘party’, and what they should expect to be offered on the night. Listen to this podcast and hear great tips from Kim on how to structure your party so your prospects are excited to be there.

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25: Oh Those Calls!

Oh Those Calls!

You’ve written out your list of family and friends, practiced your script a 101 times…then held your breath as you picked up the phone and began making those calls.
You expect everyone to be happy to hear from you, and excited to join you in your new business. But instead, you hear…

“Sorry that’s not for me.”
“I just don’t have time.”
“Is it one of those things?”
“A business? YOU are doing a business?”
Prospecting calls are not easy, and they take a mix of saying the right things with the right amount of confidence. In today’s lesson, you’ll hear a Newbie making their first calls, and the feedback from friends and family that often ensues. But don’t be discouraged…Kim Klaver has the solution! A powerful set of resources that will help you know what to say, build your confidence, and become a Rock Star when it comes to recruiting over the phone
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24: How I Sold So Many Water Filters in Just 90 Days

24: How I Sold So Many Water Filters in Just 90 Days

So here’s the story so far…

When Kim attended her weekly Taekwondo session one evening, she saw a gent there using a little blue a water filter that she really liked, and felt she would use and could sell. Ninety days and almost $65,000 in sales later, her Company leaders hunted her down and pleaded with her to be at the next major event, to help teach other reps how she was able to make it happen.

Did she use a ‘Super-Secret’ sales approach?

Master a Jedi Mind Trick?

Beg and demand her customers to buy one?

No, no and no!

She did the one thing that is rarely taught in our industry. The one thing that even the best of the best in the world of MLM are often unaware of.

But it’s the most powerful strategy in the world for having people want what you’re selling.

Ready to make it happen? What are you waiting for? Just press play!


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21: Oh Stella!

21: Oh Stella!

I remember it like it was yesterday. No matter how much time goes by, I will always remember that moment. The moment that time stops. Your heart stops, and everything goes silent.

Stella did that to me that day.

In just 3 months, Stella had crossed the $10K/month income level. She was rocking it and loving it!

Then she said four words that surprised me beyond belief…


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20: The Art of Recruiting the ONE

20: The Art of Recruiting the ONE

Did they ever tell you to recruit anyone that can “fog a mirror”? And did most of those recruits drop out in 90 days?
Kim got so upset by all the drop outs her first time (90% of her first 40-50 recruits in her first two months fell away – disappeared) that she couldn’t take it.
About quit.
And then she figured out a DIFFERENT recruiting strategy.  You’ll hear her contrarian approach in this episode. Kim built five big businesses to the pinnacle over 24 years – using THIS recruiting strategy.  (Opposite of what most everyone has taught and still teaches today.)
Ready to hear what she did?
  • The former waiter makes $90K/month. Yep, but that’s not all there was…
  • Why would someone who invested $5K just disappear?
  • No more recruiting cattle calls…
  • The easier you tell them it is, the faster they drop out
  • Keep the Kimono closed on that first date…
  • Make. Them. Come. To. You. Kim didn’t hit someone up directly even when they were standing in front of her...they couldn’t stand it and ASKED to join. Hehehe.
  • Get your posture up. Off your knees – no begging in network marketing

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19: Ever Used The Prospect Scale For Recruits?

19: Ever Used The Prospect Scale For Recruits?

Here’s how I learned to assess my potential recruits so I could tell who’d likely go fast or need to be dragged. Don’t you want to know that up front?
  • See which category your folks are in…it will explain a lot about who’s doing or not doing…
  • Guess who has the longest learning curve?
  • Guess who has the shortest?
  • Kim shares ONE KEY question she used – that you can ask too, and boy, can this save you time and energy!
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18: Easy Come…Easy Go

18: Easy Come…Easy Go

Should you be enticing your prospects with how ‘easy’ this business is? 

Are your best potential distributors looking for an effortless ride, or a fun and genuine challenge?

Are you aware of the popular but misguided message that has made more distributors quit this business in their first 90 days than almost anything else you could say to a Newbie?

In this short but simple lesson, Kim helps you understand how to frame your business message so your prospects come prepared for a good challenge, and why making it sound so simple that “anyone can do it” could be the reason you haven’t found the leaders you’re looking for. Ready?


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17: The Truth About ‘Overnight Success’

17: The Truth About ‘Overnight Success’

We all love to hear about the overnight success story, but have you ever felt there must be more to the story than what you’re hearing from the stage?

In today’s episode, Kim shares exactly what she discovered when digging into the background of many of MLM’s greatest leaders. Listen in as she reveals…

  • The never-before revealed background stories to some of our profession’s biggest names.
  • The real time it takes to create an ‘overnight’ success (proven over and over again). 
  • Lessons you can learn from every leader’s journey.
  • Re-thinking the “If HE can do it, you can too” mantra.
  •  Why it’s vital you learn to excel at recruiting.
BONUS: Kim put together a 9 Minute Recruiter program that can help you gain the advanced skills of recruiting, while learning 2 different types of ‘closes’ that have been incredibly effective for her. Keep an ear out for the details at the end of this podcast!
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14: Time to Take a Chill Pill

14: Time to Take a Chill Pill

The people who survive the most ‘failures’ are the ones who make the most money. Yet most reps hit two or three obstacles and throw up their hands – ready to give up. It’s time to put your inner critic on hold and feed it a Chill Pill, says Ms Stud.

In today’s lesson, you’ll learn…

  • Why should be prepared to “fail” over and over in the process of succeeding.
  • Why you need to give your inner critic the chill pill!
  • The need to keep experimenting to find what works.
  • Why it’s people who survive the trials and testing that finally can make the BIG money.
  • Why learning something new is hard for everyone – especially adults.
  • The Michael Jordan way to reaching number one.


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11: Mastering the Cold Market

11: Mastering the Cold Market

Recruiting through the cold market, or by calling leads, is a building strategy many successful marketers have learned how to do. It’s a great way to grow your business when you have worn out, or are hesitant about, going to your warm market.

In today’s lesson, Kim will show you how to professionally work the cold market, and reveals the strategies you can use right now to create a powerful recruiting funnel that gets results.

You’re about to hear…

  • How to identify who to target in your recruiting efforts.
  • The components of a successful recruiting plan.
  • The story of Kim’s most fun (and lucrative) street walking recruiting method – those were the days!
  • Where to find people that think, live, dream and DO things on a big scale!
  • How to make more money with fewer people.
  • How to take your best recruiting methods and succeed with them online.

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