13: Call Out Their Name…Customers and Reps

13: Call Out Their Name…Customers and Reps

People often ask if network marketing is really about building relationships. Well, it is, but in a different sort of way you than you might imagine. Have you invested your time building relationships with people, just to find out they don’t share the values? You’re chasing people, only to discover they don’t really care about organic, for example, or high-end skin care? You ready to get off your knees and stop begging people to listen to you?

In this episode, Kim discusses:

  • Even Steve Jobs started as a nobody
  • People who bought Apple products didn’t have a personal relationship with Steve Jobs
  • Apple product buyers resonated with Steve’s products that offered simplicity and over-the-top functions
  • Recruiting anyone who can fog a mirror may not be the most effective strategy
  • When you call the name of the people you are looking for, those people respond
  • Getting used to calling out your target audience even in casual conversation may help in the long run
  • Calling out their name may save you from spending time with people who are not interested


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