26: What to Say on the Phone


26: What to Say on the Phone

In today’s lesson, Kim answers the question she receives almost more than any other…”What do I say on the phone when I call my prospects?”


You know you need to get on the phone to share your product and business, but you don’t want to say anything that sounds scripted or salesy, like you’re throwing up information on your prospect, or lead them to get the glazed eyes “OMG, when will this end?” look.


It’s normal to have trouble in knowing what to say to people, particularly if you’re new. You need a strategy that helps you get their interest, stay open to what you are sharing and more importantly, willing to buy what you are selling.


Listen in as Kim shares her ‘Curiosity in Values Approach’, a unique tactic that helped Kim climb to the top of five different companies while also being one of the very best when it came to retail sales.


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