13: Call Out Their Name…Customers and Reps

13: Call Out Their Name…Customers and Reps

People often ask if network marketing is really about building relationships. Well, it is, but in a different sort of way you than you might imagine. Have you invested your time building relationships with people, just to find out they don’t share the values? You’re chasing people, only to discover they don’t really care about organic, for example, or high-end skin care? You ready to get off your knees and stop begging people to listen to you?

In this episode, Kim discusses:

  • Even Steve Jobs started as a nobody
  • People who bought Apple products didn’t have a personal relationship with Steve Jobs
  • Apple product buyers resonated with Steve’s products that offered simplicity and over-the-top functions
  • Recruiting anyone who can fog a mirror may not be the most effective strategy
  • When you call the name of the people you are looking for, those people respond
  • Getting used to calling out your target audience even in casual conversation may help in the long run
  • Calling out their name may save you from spending time with people who are not interested


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11: Mastering the Cold Market

11: Mastering the Cold Market

Recruiting through the cold market, or by calling leads, is a building strategy many successful marketers have learned how to do. It’s a great way to grow your business when you have worn out, or are hesitant about, going to your warm market.

In today’s lesson, Kim will show you how to professionally work the cold market, and reveals the strategies you can use right now to create a powerful recruiting funnel that gets results.

You’re about to hear…

  • How to identify who to target in your recruiting efforts.
  • The components of a successful recruiting plan.
  • The story of Kim’s most fun (and lucrative) street walking recruiting method – those were the days!
  • Where to find people that think, live, dream and DO things on a big scale!
  • How to make more money with fewer people.
  • How to take your best recruiting methods and succeed with them online.

If you’d like to learn how to develop your cold market recruiting skills, check out Kim’s recruiting program HERE.

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9: Kim’s Thoughts on Calling Leads

9: Kim’s Thoughts on Calling Leads

In this info-packed LIVE recorded call, Kim discusses the strategy of buying and calling leads to grow your business, and why it could work for some in your team and yet, not work for others. 

You’ll hear her insights on changing the paradigm of anyone struggling with lead calling, and why you should always keep in mind that every prospecting strategy works if you’re willing to master it – it’s different strokes for folks. Kim also touches on…

  •    How not to confuse ‘behavior’ with ‘structure.’
  •    Tips on calling your leads.
  •    When you should go ‘back to basics.’
  •    The ONLY result that matters when using any prospecting method.

Learn Kim’s unique recruiting methods that she has used to build five mammoth organizations. The Art of Recruiting will teach you exactly what Kim did, so you can spend your time on the right people. As a special BONUS for podcast listeners, enter the coupon code “MENOW” in the ‘Enter Promotional Code’ box, and Kim will knock 25% off the price when you submit your order! 

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7: Shopping for Shoes & NOT Duplication

7: Shopping for Shoes & NOT Duplication

In this episode, Kim Klaver addresses a group of MLM reps who are facing some prickly obstacles. Using our shoe shopping habits, Kim shows you how to transform how others see you and your business. Want to learn – in one sentence – how to let everyone be an ambassador for the folks YOU are looking for?  Tune in…You might be surprised…

In this episode you will learn:

  • Why no one likes being sold
  • How outrageous claims can work against you
  • Why knowing the range (low/mid/high end) of your product keeps you focused
  • Why virtually no product “sells itself”
  • Ways to determine who your prospect really is
  • Why you can talk to everyone about your business
  • What buying decisions are based on
  • How to find your ideal buyer
  • What to say when someone asks what you do for a living
  • How to become an authority and advisor in your niche
  • How duplication does NOT apply to our styles, personalities and HOW we find folks…
  • Ways you can personalize your sales funnel and systems

If you adopt Kim’s paradigm for your business, it could put you on a different path. You will no longer spin your wheels and waste time marketing to the wrong people. You will immediately recognize the right person for your product and have a much higher rate of return for your marketing efforts to them. What would you gain if you adopted this new, never-taught mindset?


The Authority Marketer


6: If my product’s so great, how come I can’t sell it?


6: If my product’s so great, how come I can’t sell it?

This episode is an interview Kim gave another podcast.  In it, you can hear about her background, what compelled her to sell, and how she teaches others to sell without being sales-y!


Kim Klaver built 4 network marketing companies to the top over last 24 years. Author of, “If My Product’s So Great, How Come I Can’t Sell It?” and several audio and video programs, including:  “100 customers 100 Days.” and “How To Recruit by Phone.”

Kim Attended MIT, Stanford, and has an MAT (Master’s of Art in Teaching) from Harvard. Her Mission is to help women who got into network marketing who thought it would be “just like recommending a restaurant” to master the sales and marketing skills required to earn more than a few hundred a month.

Interestingly Weird Fact?

One week after I turned 14 I was abandoned by my parents.

How did your journey as an entrepreneur all begin?

Had a paper route at age 9.

Never paid for any of my tuition going to school, made money playing pool, scholarships, etc.

Made $34-38k selling water filters.

In the next month or 2 I sponsored 60-70 people and in 90 days I had 200 people sponsored.

Digging your own well is one of the best things to figure out.

Best Entrepreneurial advice?

Decide first of all if you really wanna be an entrepreneur, it’s more than just talking about it. Talk is cheap. 

In order to make things work, learn how to produce orders in whatever ways you do it. Learn to overcome those obstacles. 

  • If u want to be an entrepreneur see everything as an experiment.
  • Know the process might be a few years.

Who’s your favorite super hero and why?  

Steve Jobs – loved him since the day I came to California. Setting standards really high, thinking about do your thing, don’t let other people plan your dreams or tell you how to live your life. He came from nothing. 

Best way to connect with you?

Blog: kimsblog.com

Website: rulefb.com

5 Minute Monday: 4 Essential Interview Questions for a new Rep or Partner

4 Essential Interview Questions for a new Rep or Partner

What do you do to get someone started as an MLM rep?

Interview them to see if they are a good fit for you. Kim Klaver reveals the exact questions you should ask to determine whether you want to make someone a part of your team.

Why ask these questions?

  • It gives you an idea of how much energy they are bringing to the business.
  • It tells you how much education they will need to get where they want to.
  • It tells you whether they have a realistic expectation of what it will take to be successful.


This helps you determine who will be the best fit for your team, and by asking these questions, I have built very successful sales organizations, with relatively few people.

2: How to Grow a Thriving Customer Base

2:How to Grow a Thriving Customer Base

Did you know many of the greatest leaders in this profession – the real Big Bananas – were customers of the product first BEFORE coming on board as reps?

We all know and understand how important customers of our product are, but can struggle to overcome the objections we hear when promoting what we have. Are you totally over hearing…

“I can’t afford it.”  

“It’s too expensive.”

“I don’t want to be on an auto-ship program.”

“Can I check out the ingredients?”

Kim Klaver’s success in the industry has been based on developing a growing customer base that order month after month, year after year. You’re about to find out exactly what Kim says, how to say it, and how you can build a giant customer base starting today!


You can learn more about how to develop customers with Kim’s 3 Scripts Course – her exclusive program that teaches you…

  • How to approach anyone, anywhere, anytime and sound like a ‘real person’.
  • How to tell people what you do so that you don’t turn them off.
  • How to say no first and how to say goodbye first. (You will LOVE this one!)
  • How to call out the names of the right people – those who align with your product or values.
  • How to find your audience – how to put intriguing PS’s on your emails.
  • Creating sales language that is engaging and ‘normal’.

Find out more about the 3 Scripts Course.  For You Unplugged listeners, enter the coupon code “MENOW” in the ‘Enter Promotional Code’ box when ordering and get a 25% discount on your order!