16: Let’s Talk About ‘Duplication’

16: Let’s Talk About ‘Duplication’


Perhaps no other concept in this industry has been so misunderstood. Many MLM ‘gurus’ and some of our very best trainers all seem to have a different perspective of what can and cannot be duplicated.

But what is duplication, and why do you need it? And how can you use true duplication strategies to help grow a giant heap? In today’s lesson, Kim delves into…

  • Clearing up the confusion between what should be duplicated and what can’t be.
  • Whether buying ‘leads’ can be duplicated by your team.
  • Crazy situations where duplication can kill your team’s growth!
  • Why improper duplication can often hold back your momentum in this business.


The stats show around a 90% failure rate in our profession, so why are we doing things in ways that don’t work? Duplication can be effective when you use it with a sprinkle of common sense and a spray of flexibility. Listen to this podcast and learn the basic duplication strategies Kim has used over and over again to achieve the highest rank in five different companies.

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